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Self-employed mortgage specialist CMME is regularly asked ‘can I get a remortgage while self-employed?’. In a new article the company reveals the short answer is yes.

CMME highlights there are a few things you should know before approaching a remortgage. These include evidencing your income and the hurdles you might face through the process as a self-employed professional.

Self-Employed Remortgage

The CMME article says ‘Whether you’re new to the world of self-employed work or you’ve been self-employed for a long time, remortgage might still be foreign territory for you, and it can be a concern since self-employed professionals often experience bias in the mortgage market.’

It adds that despite that you should be able to access the most competitive rates for your needs when it comes to your remortgage. 

Best Self-Employed Remortgage Rates

The article continues: ‘Remortgage in its simplest form means that you review your mortgage terms and make sure they’re still meeting your needs. When you took out your initial rate you (or your broker) most likely made sure that you were on the best possible rate for your needs, and there’s no reason not to do that once you’ve had your mortgage for some time.’

CMME adds: ‘Reviewing your rate is a sensible first step to take; whether you ultimately take any further action, it may outline that you could be saving money.’

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The full CMME article also covers:

  • Evidencing Your Income  
  • Credit Scoring: a Quick Breakdown  
  • Loan-to-Value & Why it Matters  
  • When is it Best to Consider Remortgage While Self-Employed? 
  • Top Tips for Getting Remortgage Ready  
  • Useful Resources  

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