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The self-employed are being urged to share their stories about accessing financial service products to ‘expose the inequalities’ independent workers face compared with employees.

It is hoped more people speaking out will improve the way financial products are designed and delivered for the self-employed.

The appeal is contained in a report produced jointly by IPSE – The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed – and CMME Group.


The Financial Wellbeing report examines a range of financial services where the self-employed are often disadvantaged and offers advice on borrowing, protection and financial planning.

It says: ‘To help drive innovation in the way financial products are designed for the self-employed, we need more self-employed people to share their stories of being treated unfairly and expose the inequalities they face when making financial plans.’

Structural Change

The report contains a raft of recommendations calling on the UK Government to do more to assist the self-employed and highlights a need for ‘long-term structural change’. However, it also suggests steps independent workers can take now to improve their financial wellbeing.

IPSE and CMME say: ‘We would highly recommend that the self-employed take action to gain a better understanding of their current situation and take the small steps in the short term that will drive significant improvements in their medium and long-term financial wellbeing.’


The Financial Wellbeing report suggests online resources where free help and support is available for independent workers to assess their financial situation.

These include:

The report recommends: ‘Taking positive action to make a change to their financial situation, with support from specialist experts.’


A summary of advice contained in the report covers three key financial service areas.


The report says: ‘Whenever thinking about moving or remortgaging, it is worthwhile getting specialist advice. This helps ensure the best outcomes; whether that is the lowest repayments, maximising borrowing potential or making the process faster and easier.’

Protection Advice

The report says: ‘Ensure a full understanding of the different insurances available and whether they, their family and their homes are fully protected if things take a turn for the worse.’

Longer Term Planning

The report says: ‘Us free financial assessments, such as that provided by Contractor Wealth, to get a full understanding of how to secure long-term goals and ensure they are fully utilising their allowances.’

About IPSE and CMME

The CMME Group is a leading UK mortgage and financial advisory service, specialising in the needs of independent professionals; SMEs, Contractors, Freelancers, Interim Managers and Directors. CMME believes the way people choose to work should not limit their choices in life and has spent the last 18 years working directly with banks, building societies and other providers to change the way they view this valuable and significant segment of the UK workforce.

IPSE is the largest association of independent professionals in the UK, representing freelancers, contractors and consultants from every sector of the economy, and is owned and run by its members.

To find out more about how CMME could assist you the right financial service solutions for your circumstances, visit the website.